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RULES Well those of you who know me know I am not one for adhering to rules - I don't actively go about breaking them but I do like to bend them on occasions!  That being said there are a few dos and don'ts that will ensure that you have the best possible evening, amongst new and old friends whilst enjoying delicious food with a glass of vino or two!

DO wear something comfortable! There is no dress code, just something that makes you feel happy and leaves a bit of room for a full belly! If you want to dress to the nines then that's ok too!  It is my aim where possible to eat outdoors – this of course will be entirely weather dependant but do bring some layers as the temperature can drop in the evening even after the most glorious of days!  I will have a stash of blanks for those in need.

DON’T be late - again not one of my strong points but please know that we won't be waiting for you - there are hungry mouths to feed! The arrival time is 7pm and guests will be seated to begin dining at 7.30pm so there is a bit of leeway for a drink or two before - and who wants to miss out on pre-dinner drinks?!

DO bring some booze! There will be no bar available - just good old fashioned tap water. Bring what you please - my fabulous team will be sure to supply drinking vessels, ice and refrigeration where needed and the rest is left for to you to look after. Don’t be conservative, if you do bring too much then you can always take it home but there is nothing worse then running out when in a time of need!

DON’T suffer in silence! If something isn't right and you aren't happy, tell us about it. We aren't all perfect - mistakes can be made so please let us know rather than letting it potentially spoil your evening as we will do what we can there and then to rectify the situation.

DO tip if you think it is worth it! The team working with me are all my gorgeous friends who are dedicating their own time to support me in my venture to do something that I love. I will pay them with love, hugs and kisses - you are welcome to do the same however tipping may be a more preferable option and it would be hugely appreciated by us all. Of course - only do so if they deserve it!

DON'T stand me up - no further explanation needed!

DO tell me about any dietary requirements or allergens but DON’T be fussy! I understand that there are certain things that people just don't like but please give it a chance! Break an old habit and you never know - you may learn to love something you thought you didn't like. However if there is no going back then of course that is understandable - many of the plates are sharing dishes so there will be something you do like, I am sure of it! 

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